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Gaim-OSD 0.3.5 RELEASED!

This release is mainly to support libxosd 1.0.x.

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-10-15

XOSD 1.0.x support in CVS

We're still alive! My Linux HD crashed a couple of weeks ago and I am still waiting for a replacement from IBM. Anyhow, I added basic support for libxosd 1.0.x in CVS. As of today, the only enhancement is horizontal alignment. Eventually, I'll add scrolling lines (now supported by xosd), ability to change number of lines, etc... stay tuned!

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-09-02

Gaim-OSD 0.3.4 RELEASED!

Gaim OSD: Gaim On-Screen Display

Gaim OSD is a Gaim plugin to display on-screen display of Gaim events,
such as buddy sign on/off, away/back, and other notification messages.
See below for a list of features. On-screen display is similar to that
of a television's menus, volume, and contrast control.

Chris Sperandio - creator, original developer
Paul Miller - rewrote Gaim-OSD to be feature-rich and with greater
integration into Gaim.... read more

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-06-26

GAIM OSD 0.3.3 released!

Released for GAIM 0.59. This release adds full per-buddy customization of osd display messages and hiding osd messages on reply (in conversations). Fixed several bugs, users are encouraged to upgrade to 0.3.3.

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-06-02

latest cvs: toggle osd on/off per window similar to sound

latest cvs adds an osd icon to every chat/IM
window, allowing one to toggle osd display on/off
for that specific window. The effect is similar
to the speaker icon for sound control. Requires
a very small patch (toolbar.patch) for gaim. The
patch moves the toolbar pointer into the
conversation structure.

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-05-11

Released 0.3.1: lots of new features!

Lots of new features in v0.3.1! Checkout cvs
changelog for details. New interface and lots
of goodies!

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-05-10

Displaying away messages in CVS revision 0.23!

Displaying away messages is now possible with the latest CVS revision! Requires testing - Please send/post results.

As of CVS revision 0.23, Gaim requires a patch to:
(1) add "event_got_info" plugin event
(2) add "event_get_info" plugin event
(3) add "event_get_away" plugin event
(4) handle plugin event return codes. This will break plugins that do not return 0! (All included Gaim plugins are patched.)... read more

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-04-25

CVS version requires Gaim patch

As of CVS revision 0.21, Gaim requires a patch to (1) add "event_got_info" plugin event and (2) handle plugin event return codes. This will break plugins that do not return 0! (All included Gaim plugins are patched.) The patch name is got_info?.patch located in the CVS directory.

Posted by Paul Miller 2002-04-25