Gaim 2.0 Support?

  • ikkoku

    Hi, I know that this may be a bit early since 2.0 beta is not even out yet... but I've been using the daily builds and can't stand the font size being so small.  This plugin would be really handy

    • Chrismith

      I'd also like to see a version of this plugin for Gaim 2.0. They took out a lot of minor options (Dim idle buddies, individually ignoring font face/color/size, idle time measured by Gaim or Windows, etc) that I'm sure plenty of people will miss.

    • Dirk Stevenson
      Dirk Stevenson

      Yes!  Please bring this back for Gaim 2.0! I live and die by this plugin.  It's so good!

    • Ido Daisuke
      Ido Daisuke

      does anybod have compiled it against gaim 2 ? I've done it on linux but can't on windows

      • dan mcweeney
        dan mcweeney

        I have it complied against gaim 2.0 you just need to pass in the -DEP_VERSION=\"1.5.0\" in your Makefile.mingw.  I actually just created a separate one for extendedprefs.c.  Granted i can't seem to get anything else to work in 2.0 on my windows system, but hey, baby steps.


    • alienshards

      also, using don't use multiple colors in chat option.

    • ikkoku

      Now that beta2 is out... any chance that this will be worked on? 

    • Moritz Strübe
      Moritz Strübe

      We'll have to wait for the final... :-(

      Dec 20 2005 - Post from

      There have not been many changes made to Extended Preferences recently due to time constraints. I am not releasing a new package until Gaim 2.0.0 goes final. The code in CVS should build properly with Gaim 2.0.0, though certain features have been removed due to their lack of relevance. If anyone with a bit more time than I have would like to help make improvements to the Extended Prefs plugin, I'd appreciate the help. Feel free to contact me and make offers of contribution. :)

    • edmicman

      Does anyone have a build of this dll compiled against gaim 2.0 beta2 or later and want to post it?  Didn't this plugin optionally get rid of the taskbar entry in wingaim (so it would run only in the status tray)? 

    • omario117

      So I'm not very good with computers or programming... can I have a beginner's walkthrough of how to make this AMAZING plugin work with gaim2.0? Or if possible can anybody email it to me so that I can use it? I want to keep using gaim, but the lack of this plugin is testing my patience. Anything would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you in advance.

      • Craig Harding
        Craig Harding

        As a start, are you using Windows or Linux?

    • omario117

      I'm using Windows XP.

    • thecompguru

      i too would like a compiled version for winxp, beta 3 if possible, dont feel like going throught he process of getting all the code. thanks

    • Harrison Chen
      Harrison Chen

      Well, I tried compiling the plugin but I can't figure out for the life of me.  Could someone explain how?  I figured out how to get it from CVS but I don't know how to compile.


      • Craig Harding
        Craig Harding

        If you got it from CVS, you usually have to run ./ from the base directory of extended prefs.

        This will create the configure files among others and it should automatically go into the configure command after doing this. Once it's done without errors you run the 'make' command and then as root, run the 'make install' command

        If you have trouble, email me.

    • amazonalias

      This is such a great plugin, and would solve the bothersome font size issue in 2.0beta3, if compatible.  I cant use GAIM till it comes out since the font size issue is so ridiculous and makes it impossible to chat when you font is huge on your buddies IMs.  Anyone find a way to use this in beta3, or are we all truly stuck till the final release?

    • BlindEagle

      So does anyone have this working for WinXP?

    • Craig Harding
      Craig Harding

      If someone can post the error output from gaim when it is trying to load the plugin in Windows. You can do this by executing gaim from the command window using the -d flag and then copy/pasting the output here or in a bug.

    • Joshua

      The debug message is pasted below.  Again this is GAIM 2.0.0beta6

      plugins: probing C:\Documents and Settings\Joshua\Application Data\.gaim\plugins\extprefs.dll
      plugins: C:\Documents and Settings\Joshua\Application Data\.gaim\plugins\extprefs.dll is not loadable: The specified module could not be found.

      • Craig Harding
        Craig Harding

        Did you compile this dll in cygwin with gaim source installed? If not, this dll will only work with the version that it was compiled with, as far as I understand..