Can not login, debug info as following

  • nielinjie

    account: Connecting to account 011D6F40. gc = 0193F070
    connection: Connecting. gc = 0193F070
    connection: Requesting password
    connection: Destroying connection 0193F070
    prefs: writing prefs out to disk.
    account: Connecting to account 011D6F40. gc = 0193F218
    connection: Connecting. gc = 0193F218
    connection: Calling serv_login
    server: gaim 1.5.0 logging in 10345345 using QQ
    QQ: Using UDP without proxy
    QQ: Connected.
    QQ: ==> [03463] QQ_CMD_LOGIN, from (GB QQ2003iii build 0304 (April 5 update))
    QQ: ack [03463] QQ_CMD_LOGIN, remove from sendqueue
    QQ: Decrypt login reply packet with inikey, 102 bytes
    QQ: Unknown reply code: 5
    account: Disconnecting account 011D6F40
    connection: Disconnecting connection 0193F218
    QQ: 0 packets in sendqueue are freed!
    QQ: 0 group packets are freed!
    QQ: 0 groups are freed
    QQ: 0 add buddy requests are freed!
    QQ: 0 info queries are freed!
    QQ: 0 conatct_info_window are freed
    QQ: 0 Qun info windows are freed
    QQ: 0 qq_buddy structures are freed!
    connection: Destroying connection 0193F218