#37 GDI object leakage


I finally started investigating why my Pidgin consistently leaks GDI objects such that within a day of startup it has over 6,000 allocated.

I traced the problem to this extension by disabling all plugins, then enabling them in turn looking for the leak.

Pidgin 2.53 WinXP sp2.

The problem can be seen by opening a monitor (taskinfo, etc) on the Pidgin process, then opening a window with a contact and moving the window around the screen. Doing this for a few seconds causes several hundred GDI objects to be allocated -- and then apparently never freed.

More info: mike@gogulski.com


  • Brent Gomes
    Brent Gomes

    I'm not even sure how to even check GDI object leakage, but I've been having this memory hole issue with Pidgin that I've nailed down to the Extended Preferences plugin. With this plugin enabled my Pidgin eventually eats up to 60~MB of ram and it's VM size grows to over 100MB and then just crashes. To get around this issue i have to close and reopen pidgin every 24 hours. This has been happening for a very long time. Many different versions of Pidgin and GTK. Currently on Pidgin 2.5.4, XP w/SP3.