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  • Ulrik Sverdrup
    Ulrik Sverdrup

    looking at svn it seems QT was picked up after 0.1.2. I don't think this is a good idea, I had preferred gui-less or so (Without QT, gaia could look _better_ than GE). Anyway, it didn't build for me and I perhaps shouldn't expect that from a 0.1.3-svn snapshot. :)

    Anyway, what are the plans for GUI, and how are they coming along? Will the gui be a google clone?

    • That's tough question. Actually, after discovering Qt I feel like binding everything in gaia tightly to it, as it is -really- powerful and makes C++ programming a lot easier. Though, foreseeng requests for Qt-less version I try to keep GUI and inner workings of gaia separate.

      The truth is, gaia -needs- GUI. That's not question of copying Google Earth or just improving looks. GUI is needed for layers setup, which would be too hard for only commandline and hotkey operation.

      Anyway, plain SDL version is not dropped completely. When Qt version is mature enough, some things will become more abstract, so bringing back SDL client should be no problem.

    • And, btw, SVN trunk version _should_ build.
      Do please copypaste build errors and path to Qt on your system.

    • mas

      Dmitry, have you ever considered alternate GUI libs, like wxWidgets? Latter has quite permittive license and as much powerful as QT.

      • Gaia is my first experience with GUI programming, so I've been choosing between most popular toolkits, i.e. GTK and Qt. I've received some letters with arguments against GTK, so I've tried Qt and now I'm fully satisfied with it.
        Of course, I would like to make gaia useful for as many people as possible, but it would take too much effort to support other toolkits in addition to Qt, while development should be focused on more important features, so it's only Qt for now.

        Still, I don't integrate Qt deep into the project. So if support for other toolkits is _really_ that needed, and there's somebody who's going to work on that - there's absolutely no problem.

    • soul_rebel

      I think Qt is a great choice as it is very powerful and good-looking!

      What are plans for the future? Is there a timeline for a next release?

      Thanks for your work!