#2 pb with cd drive


Why with the second os install (first is windows98)
and second is windows 95 ) my ide controller is not
recognized and there is no cd , i try with with 95 first
and win 98 second it's the same problem the os are on
separate disk thank for your help


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    I have the same probleme, My first OS is XP all working good
    and on a second drive i have Win98SE boot with drive
    swaping, it run but IDE CD ROM disapear, and the OS
    use "Compatibility mode page / DOS"...
    Not a big problme, i continue using GAG: A very good work
    and thank you to the authors.

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    You have to use the MS-DOS CD-ROM controller. There are more
    details in the FAQ.

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    That's just what one would expect.
    The problem is the swapping of the hard drives, which puts
    Windows in a old mode to access the IDE.

    The solution is simple: using FIPS to nibble some space from
    the first harddisk, check the first partition to be sure,
    use the startup diskette of the operation system you want to
    install, make a new primary partition on the first harddisk,
    and install the second OS there.

    Everything on the first HardDisk will use the IDE at full speed.

    greetings, Johan

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    i'm having the same problem, it seems to conflict with the 2nd
    os's(in my case win98's) primary and secondary ide
    controllers. the problem seems to arise when gag changes
    drice letters to get the os to boot. i've been searching forums
    for a solution to no avail... let me know if you figure it out