Does GAG work with Win7? (See inside)

  • Lgreen

    I've been smoothly using GAG 4.10 for a few years on my main PC, nicely set up with two separate WinXP loads.

    Now I want to add a third load with Windows 7.  Can GAG 4.10 handle this?

    If so, how do I do it - given that I already have GAG installed & set-up with two WinXP loads.  Here's what I was going to try… will this approach work?:

    1) Add a new blank partition to my system hard drive (using Windows XP; it will be the "last" partition on the disc, as I have unused/unparitioned room at the end of the drive);
    2) Reboot, and then "add" that blank partition using GAG (using the "Add Operating System" command);
    3) Reboot, and then choose to start that new OS (even though the partition won't load anything, because it's blank)
    4) Reboot, go into motherboard BIOS and choose to boot from CD (rather than hard drive);
    5) Reboot with Win XP install disc in CD drive.
    6) Install WinXP to new partition.

    Is that it?  It's been a few years since I've used GAG, so I'm very rusty with it. 

  • Lgreen

    Whoops… steps 5 & 6 should read Windows 7 - not WinXP.

  • 1. Create the partition (I would do this in Linux or with a GPARTED-LIVECD)
    2. Add the partition to GAG. Choose HIDE OTHER PRIMARY PARTITIONS.
    3. Boot the new empty partition with GAG (even though there is nothing there yet and it wont work). You have to do this step to make sure GAG marks the other OS partitions as HIDDEN. Alternatively you can skip this step if you manually mark all of the other bootable partitions as hidden while you are partitioning. I find it easier to just boot it with GAG.
    4. Boot the Windows 7 install CD. It will ignore the hidden partitions and install to the active partition.
    5. If WIndows 7 wiped out GAG in the MBR, reinstall GAG and set add the partitions again (very fast and easy)

    If you skip step 3, the Windows 7 install CD may stomp all over your other Windows partitions boot code and will add a multiboot menu to the Windows 7 partition, which you dont want because you want to use GAG for choosing a boot OS.