Grub prompt

  • Parag Sanghvi
    Parag Sanghvi

    I have a PC on which I had Windows 98 installed.

    I installed Knoppix to it, and asked LILO to be installed to MBR. However, something messed-up, and my PC did not boot. So, I ran FDISK /MBR, and was able to boot Windows.

    Then, I came across GAG, and installed it.
    Now, I am able to boot to Windows using GAG, but when I choose to boot Knoppix, GAG drops me at Grub prompt.

    If I give the right root-kernel-boot command at this prompt, I am able to boot into Knoppix.

    How can I change GAG so that whenever I choose Knoppix from menu, it boots to Knoppix, and does not drop me at Grub prompt ?