sorry but no one ever replied

  • webbigail

    Sorry!  But no one ever replied when I posted this before, so I'm trying again ...

    ... I am thinking about buying a computer and it will undoubtedly have Vista installed. Can I simply move an old bootable harddrive containing XPpro onto the new system and boot from both drives via GAG?

    I want to have XP as my customary boot OS, at least until I get used to Vista. I don't think I'll ever want to eliminate XP tho.

    How easy will it be to get this to work?

    I have some experience with computers but none with Vista or with dual booting systems or with GAG.


    Thanks --- Webby.

    • Hi:

      I'm not sure, but I think the answer is "No": AFAIK, Windows XP remembers the drive where it was installed, so putting it as the second drive will not work.

      Of course, you can reduce your Vista partition with GParted, QtParted or Partition Magic, create a new primary partition and install there a fresh XP...

    • gk67

      Hi Webby! :-)

      You'll probably manage to start the existing XP installation from the second drive.

      If you'll get a "missing or corrupted HAL.DLL" or any other error message, preventing you from booting at XP, please post again (or mail me).

      If you need a good Windows forum (for specific Windows related problems, opinions etc.), Scot has setup a really good one. Please, take a look there: (All Things Windows).

      Greetings!!! :-)