I like version 4.1 more...

  • Johan

    On my first HardDisk, I have three Win9x operation systems in primary partitions.

    (They are all on the first HardDisk, so they can use full IDE speed, and there is a logical drive in a extended partition which I use as the 'shared drive' to be able to pass files between them).

    If someone logged in one of the operating systems, the other OS's should be hidden, which is what version 4.1 does. This is to prevent that a 'guest' user on his 'guest' OS could change the files in 'my' OS.

    This changed in version 4.2......

    greetings, Johan.

    • Yes, it changed because a lot of people uses a primary partition to store data, so them were atonished when it suddenly disapeared after installing GAG.

      Maybe in version 4.3 I'll change again and made it configurable.

    • Well, finally there's version 4.3, that allows to choose the behavior you want.