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Gage v

Version 0.0.6 has finally been released.
There are many cosmetic changes to it.
It now compiles under VC6, ,G++, and Bloodshed Dev-C++.

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2003-01-31

New task assignments for developers

I have re-assigned tasks so that each developer will have a task to do. I added new tasks as well.
I also tried to make sure that most of the tasks were assigned to one developer only.
There is also a task under the utilities folder.

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-10-09

New versions released!

I just released Gage v 0.0.5 , GageTest v 0.0.5 and Quest v 0.0.5

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-29

New packaged

I added a package called "optional libraries" to the project.
This is not for the core library, but rather for the add-on libraries. Currentlty Rick Herrick's parser interface is the only thing in this package.

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-27

Version renumbering

In the files section, I am renumbering the versions so they will be in the following format:

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-25

CVS finally working!

I finally uploaded some code to the CVS tree.
Now we will not have to worry about differences in code. :-)

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-24

GAGE v 0.0221 WIP

GAGE Version 0.0221 is modified.
So far I have altered basic_object and game_object.
I also removed all #include "gagedbg.h" directives.
Post comments, questions, source code, suggestions and ideas.
The more the merrier!

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-23

Help needed

GAGE still needs a great amount of work done to it.
Developers, please start contribuating to the project.

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-16

GAGE v 0.02 released

I uploaded GAGE v 0.02 today.
There is only one source archive. I decided to combine all the gage-v0.01 source archives into one archive.

GAGE is still in the alpha stage of development

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-16

package changes\additions

I renamed the gadvent package to gage.
I also added the TAGE\GIFE packages.(they are currently hidden).

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-15

New version uploaded

Version 0.002 of GAGE.uploaded.
Quest v 0.002 has been uploaded..

Posted by Matt Ritchie 2002-09-12