#3 static rpms (me too)



Fist of all, thanks for this beautifull piece of
software, it runs smoothly and works great.

I can say this beacause I use GNU Debian (Woody+Sid)
and I have no problems making deb packages out of
your rpm ones (via alien) but my two sisters both use
SuSE Linux 7.1 and none of 0.8.2 or 0.8.3 run on
their computers. This is annoying beacause there're
seriously thinking of using windows for that purpose.

An after this family story...

I agree with the last query, please release a static
rpm o deb of the last release, you would solve a lot
of problems related with the so-called "killer apps"
(or at least tell us how to compile a static version
-I tried that on my debian and got a lot of errors-),
the suggested system, etc.

It's really nasty that there's no DE-FACTO standards
among linux distributions.


Pablo Ruiz


  • Julian Missig
    Julian Missig

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    I'd like to know how to consistently get a statically
    compiled Gabber. If it were easy for me, you'd have one
    right now, but the entire reason there isn't one is that I
    haven't been able to make one.

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    LSB should tackle this shared libs dependencyhell already!
    Or GNOME.org should. Aargh its really frustrating to install
    almost any GNOME program!

    In RH8, installed missing rpm packages from freshrpm, and
    that is what I get after every rpm-program reported
    dependency is satisfied:
    gabber: relocation error: /usr/lib/libgdkmm-1.2.so.1:
    undefined symbol: cerr

    Eventually this dependency hell will ruin GNOME if KDE gets
    it better.