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A couple of questions

  • Luca


    i just have a couple of questions. Can i backup a drive formatted with hfs+
    filesystem? .. And what's the procedure to restore a drive backupped to an img
    file? i mean, when i restore /dev/sda for example do i just restore
    imagefile.img to /dev/sda or do i need to format the partitions first, copy
    partition tables or stuff like that? .. if i don't format first, will i find
    old files that were not overwritten by the restoring process? .. I hope I
    explained it well. Thanks

  • A disk image doesn't matter what the file system is, since it is just reading
    the physical sectors of the disk as bits.

    Disk images include the boot sector and partition table as part of the image,
    so only need a disk that is the same size or larger than the original. Note:
    Some operating systems may have issues if the number of heads and sectors per
    track are not the same.

    So, formatting the disk if restoring a disk image is not necessary, since
    everything is written to the disk and anything that is on the disk being
    restored to is overwritten.

    There are some partition image options, and those would require the MBR and
    partition table be setup correctly, and the partition already be created.

    There are some special filesystem backup options (ntfsclone and fsarchiver)
    that would also require the MBR and partition table be setup and the partition
    already be created.

    I have not worked directly with Apple systems, but have been told it works on
    Intel Mac machines?

  • Luca

    Thanks! you answered my questions .. I've not tried to restore a Mac drive yet
    (and hopefully i won't need to (: )