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Run boot script without user intervention

  • aptoklo

    I have a small Windows XP Embedded appliance that I want to restore a g4l
    image to automatically during boot. I created a bootable USB memory stick with
    g4l on it. I have used this to boot the device via USB and successfully
    created an image of a partition using ntfsclone. I have also been able to
    restore this partition by starting g4l and going to the command line and
    running a script that does the restore.

    My question is:

    Is there a simple way to automate this process, so that the script is run
    automatically? I can append the "run" argument during boot, but the problem
    with this is that g4l dialog messages still load and block the user interface
    and confuse end users. Is there a simple way I can alter the g4l environment
    so that it does not load these dialog messages, but instead just first loads
    linux into the ramdisk as usual and then runs a specific script?

  • Well, I've been thinking about this for some time, but had never gotten around
    to doing it.

    Have done two new updates, that modify the rcS file so that it doesn't do the
    dialogs if there is a run line in the kernel.

    I disabled the dialogs for the displays and the bkey selection, but did leave
    the one were it checks for the nic connection.


  • I did test this under virtual box run.

    With added run="top;reboot" it skips the dialogs, then shows top, and on
    exiting top it reboots.

  • aptoklo

    Thanks, that's fantastic :)