Support to vlan

  • Piotr Rogoża
    Piotr Rogoża


    Thanks for this great project.

    I use g4l to make backup via multicast(udp-sender) or ftp protocol. I wrote
    script . But lately I lack support for vlans.

    Can you add support for them?

    My backup data are stored on Freenas via nfs. Access to them is by vlan. For
    now I get round it by proxy server that supports vlan.

    best regards Piotr

  • Need some more details on how you use this?

    I have found it requires a change to the kernel build and I have done that to
    the 3.1.5 kernel in

    I also added the vconfig command to the image as well.

    Was able to do the following command I found on a site that seems to work.

    vconfig add eth0 5

    The site then shows setting up the vlan by doing the following.

    ifconfig eth0.5 netmask broadcast up

    Right now that would have to be done manually, but if it works, I can look at
    adding options to do it in the g4l script.

  • Piotr Rogoża
    Piotr Rogoża


    I tested versions to 0.39. Tomorow I will test v0.40.

    For me is enough support for vlan (i.e. command vconfig and module 8021q or
    built in the kernel).

    I don't use the script g4l, only modeled on it by writing my own script for my
    needs. For me, it was essential to pass parameters to the script by the kernel
    options in grub (or PXE).

    I can send my script, it may be helpful (or not).

  • Thanks for the info. Would like to see the script.