Imaging RAID 10 / RAID 1 Systems

  • ranchoca

    When imaging a system with a RAID 10 configuration, I often find that all the
    physical disks will list instead of the logical disks (like with the HP/Compaq
    SmartArray Controllers). How do you know which disks to backup that make the
    logical disk as a whole? Are there any other considerations when imaging in
    order to retore the logical volume to different RAID hardware (like Intel to
    HP SmartArray or vice versa)?


  • Can you provide some information since I have no access to these controllers?

    After booting from the g4l cd, what does cat /proc/partitions shows?

    Regular disk show up with the hdx or sdx format and others show up with dm?

    It might be that g4l is seeing the disks, but the partition filtering is not
    including it.

    Also, what does blkid report.