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version 23 A9 hangs ...

  • RobP

    version 22 doesn't see the NIC. The V23 A9 just hangs with all of the newer release kernels . DSL latest also does not see the NIC.

    HP DC5700 Mini Tower

    ACPI: PCI Root Bridge

    Put in a 3Com and booted to the default v22 kernel. Worked fine.

    Thought I'd drop a line..

    • Do you have information on what the nic that is included with these system is? Is it a motherboard nic, or a card. Did you remove it or disable it when you put the 3com nic in? It might be that this is a new nic, and the previous versions of the kernel don't recognize it at all, and the newest ones see it, but something is 100%.

      Is the latest I've made on Aug 2nd, not sure which version that has. The have recently come out with 23 rc2, but not sure if that has that version or not.