Cloning sda1 will not clone MBR?

  • Frank


    When cloning or imaging (file) in RAW mode partition #1 of a disk (sda1), does
    it clone the MBR as well?

    Does it start at the first block sector or does it skip MBR (446 sectors I
    think) when creating the image?


  • The disk MBR is not part of a partition, so it is not copied with the

    The MBR is generally the first 446 bytes of the first sector followed by the
    partition table.

    Some MBRs can use other sectors on that first track for more code, so sometime
    just copying the 512 bytes is not enough.

    Best option is to do a full disk image that copies everything.

    G4L includes options to backup the MBR, and also do a more complete backup of
    the MBR and EBRs if they exists.

    EBRs are the MBR equivalent for the partitions in the extended partitions. The
    original MBR has limits to number of entries, so EBRs are created to handle
    logical partitions inside.

    What OS or OSs do you have on the disk, what partition setup are you using?