G4L 0.45 Alpha 34 update

  • G4L 0.45 Alpha 34 update

    Have been working on adding linux-firmware support to the project. Had another user that required firmware that was not included with the kernel.org source. Rather than adding the individual firmware one by one, and increasing the size of each kernel wanted get an all inclusion. Unfortunately, this is about 30M of files in the firmware.

    In Alpha 34 have made some changes. Removed some kernels that are no longer being updated on the kernel.org site to reduce the size. Also, changed the compression of the development kit to use xz instead of gzip to reduce that file size.


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    Because of the addition of the firmware files, had to increase the ramdisk size to 128M.

    The complete changes in 0.45 are as follows.

    Released 0.45 2013/05/17
    kernel 3.9.0-rc4 2013/03/23 (bz3x9.rc4)
    kernel 3.2.42 2013/03/27 (bz3x2.42)
    kernel 3.0.71 2013/03/28 (bz3x0.71)
    kernel 3.4.38 2013/03/28 (bz3x4.38)
    kernel 3.8.5 2013/03/28 (bz3x8.5)
    kernel 3.8.5 now default kernel
    kernel 3.9.0-rc5 2013/03/31 (bz3x9.rc5)
    kernel 3.0.72 2013/04/05 (bz3x0.72)
    kernel 3.4.39 2013/04/05 (bz3x4.39)
    kernel 3.8.6 2013/04/05 (bz3x8.6)
    kernel 3.8.6 now default kernel
    kernel 3.9.0-rc6 2013/04/08 (bz3x9.rc6)
    kernel 3.2.43 2013/04/10 (bz3x2.43)
    kernel 3.0.73 2013/04/12 (bz3x0.73)
    kernel 3.4.40 2013/04/12 (bz3x4.40)
    kernel 3.8.7 2013/04/12 (bz3x8.7)
    kernel 3.8.7 now default kernel
    added delay message for getting filename list
    kernel 3.9.0-rc7 2013/04/15 (bz3x9.rc7)
    kernel 3.0.74 2013/04/17 (bz3x0.74)
    kernel 3.4.41 2013/04/17 (bz3x4.41)
    kernel 3.8.8 2013/04/17 (bz3x8.8)
    kernel 3.8.8 now default kernel
    Modified ddrescue process to save output file
    and display after completion.
    Added code to display disk info from clone option
    to the ddrescue option
    kernel 3.9.0-rc8 2013/04/21 (bz3x9.rc8)
    kernel 3.0.75 2013/04/26 (bz3x0.75)
    kernel 3.2.44 2013/04/25 (bz3x2.44)
    kernel 3.4.42 2013/04/26 (bz3x4.42)
    kernel 3.8.9 2013/04/25 (bz3x8.9)
    kernel 3.8.9 now default kernel
    kernel 3.8.10 2013/04/26 (bz3x8.10)
    kernel 3.8.10 now default kernel
    kernel 3.9.0 2013/04/29 (bz3x9.0)
    kernel 3.0.76 2013/05/01 (bz3x0.76)
    kernel 3.4.43 2013/05/01 (bz3x4.43)
    kernel 3.8.11 2013/05/01 (bz3x8.11)
    kernel 3.8.11 now default kernel
    Working with 3 students to update documentation
    to the 0.44 released version.
    Marc Louis P. Santiago, James Salinas, and John Haggerty
    Change ramdisk_size to 96M from 64M
    correct some spelling errors in files
    Added 3 more firmwares for the bnx2x device as another user
    was having issues with kernel not having it. Only in bz3x8.11
    kernel for now.
    kernel 3.9.1 2013/05/08 (bz3x9.1)
    kernel 3.0.77 2013/05/08 (bz3x0.77)
    kernel 3.4.44 2013/05/08 (bz3x4.44)
    kernel 3.8.12 2013/05/08 (bz3x8.12)
    kernel 3.8.12 now default kernel
    The above kernels have the following firmware added to that
    which the kernel.org source includes do to users having hardware
    that needs the additions. The first 3 were just added the other
    2 have been added for some time.
    kernel 3.9.2 2013/05/11 (bz3x9.2)
    kernel 3.0.78 2013/05/11 (bz3x0.78)
    kernel 3.4.45 2013/05/11 (bz3x4.45)
    kernel 3.8.13 2013/05/11 (bz3x8.13)
    kernel 3.8.13 now default kernel
    The bz3x8.13 kernel has the complete bnx2x firmware files
    that increase the kernel size by about 4M. Looking to make
    firmware in filesystem once instead of building in each kernel.
    Added echo /sbin/mdev > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug to rcS init script
    kernel 3.2.45 2013/05/15 (bz3x2.45)
    Have rebuilt the 3.0.x, 3.2.x, 3.4.x, 3.8.x and 3.9.x kernels to have
    the kernel.org firmware only, but have added all the bnx2x and bnx2 firmware
    that is in the linux-firmware download. In the tests that I have done by a
    user with bnx2x firmware, the earlier changes work.
    If anyone knows of other firmware from the linux-git that should be added,
    I can look into it. May have to increase the image size of the ramdisk.
    Increased ramdisk size to 128M and have added all the linux-firmware files.
    Cleanup kernels. Remove 3.1, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.6, which are not being updated.
    Change default to 3.9.2
    kernel 3.10-rc1 2013/05/12 (bz3x10.rc1)
    Test in changing development kit to be compressed with xz instead of gz