G4L 0.46 alpha114 - 2014/04/04

  • G4L 0.46 alpha114 - 2014/04/04

    Been a while since I posted and update to the version, but have gone
    for alpha91 to now alpha114. Have been trying to solve and issue
    for Fujitsu Lifebook T794 that freezes during the kernel loading process.
    Don't have direct access to one, but have tried with user lots of kernel
    options, and building extra things in the kernel, but it still just seems
    to stop with no definite error reported. Have tired using syslinux 4.x, 5.x,
    and 6.03x versions and even grub4dos. If anyone might have experience with
    these units of similar. It does boot an older version partedmagic, but that
    doesn't support nic? It also seems to freeze with the HDT option as well?

    Lots of new kernel updates. Has 3.13.9 as new default, but has the 3.14 released.



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