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GMailer for Java 0.3.4 released!

Matthias joined our project! The first release he brought to you added support to open browser, and a bug fix for the message panel always sroll to bottom.

Posted by SiuYing 2004-10-16

GMailer for Java v0.3.3 Release!

In this version, G4J added support for new Contact List Interface; GMailer4j added search message supports. Also comes with couples of UI bug fix.

Posted by SiuYing 2004-10-15

GMailer for Java v0.3.1 Release!

GMail protocol is changed, and it break G4J.

In this release G4J API and GMailer fix the problem and add support for the newly added "Drafts" mailbox. Further update such as browse mail by contact is under planning.

Posted by SiuYing 2004-10-05

GMailer for Java v0.3-pre3 Relese!

GMail API for Java version 0.3.4 now request GMail with multithread connection.

GMailer version 0.3-pre3 added Look and Feel Chooser and serveral UI bug fixes.

GMailer version 0.3-pre2 improve performance with multi-threaded HTTP connection.

Thanks Teodor and Samanth to join this project! They would help me to amke GMailer more usable and I can focus more on teh G4J API.

Posted by SiuYing 2004-10-01

GMailer for Java v0.3-pre1 Release!

GMailer for Java v0.3-pre1 Release! In this release:
- Reimplemented UI: more responsive and user friedy
- XML Data Storage: now data are saved locally, downloaded message can be view without download again

Posted by SiuYing 2004-09-26

GMailer for Java v0.2 Release!

GMailer for Java v0.2 Release! In this release:
- Added support of minimized to SysTray in Windows and KDE3
- Added Support of auto connect and check message
- Various UI fix

The g4j API have been slightly refactored. Features would not be added until the GMailer for Java covered all its features.

Posted by SiuYing 2004-09-17