#53 Alternating status indication and peers...

Pat Niemeyer

I find that many large torrents will get into a
condition where the % complete status and peers will
bounce/alternate between two different states... e.g.
78% complete for a minute and then 23% complete for a
minute... showing different peers in each case.

Is this normal / meaningful behavior? Does it have
something to do with dual tracker situations? Or is it
a bug?

Or (wild guess) maybe it's some race condition in the
event that you try to start it a second time while it's
"checking" the download?

I have tried stopping the torrent and restarting it...
which I think corrects the problem... at least sometimes.

I'm using 0.999a and the bug has been around since at
least 0.97.

Thanks for the great tool.


  • Macklegrey

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    I think this is a threading problem and has only occurred
    with me when I have one download left in my queue but my
    "Min simultaneous torrents" is set to > 1.

    A simple fix is to set your m.s.t. to 1, stop your download,
    quit G3Torrent, run G3Torrent again, then resume your
    download - if u do all this your download will 'merge' your
    previous download threads for that particular file and then
    continue as normal (eg, 1 thread said 9%, another said 70%,
    you might find that the new download thread starts up at 73%

    Hope this helps,


  • Ninja

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    I am using v1.01a and have seen similar behavior. At first I
    thought it was a bug. However, upon further analysis, I
    noticed that it never occurs on torrents with one tracker,
    it only occurs on torrents with multiple trackers.
    macklegrey's experience (presumably with v0.999) is not what
    I'm seeing with version 1.01a. It doesn't seem to matter how
    many torrents are left in the download queue.
    The reason I'm not sure it's really technically a "bug"
    anymore, is that it appears to be accurately displaying the
    peers and Upload/download ratios for different trackers on
    torrents using multiple trackers, and that is why we
    sometimes see the ratios flashing back and forth between two
    different numbers, and different lists of peers. Perhaps
    rather than a bug fix request, we really have a feature
    request to display the upload/download ratio for all
    trackers combined, rather than the ratio for an individual
    tracker of a torrent which has multiple trackers.