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New member join this groop

WelKam to Adam Mielkascki.
Preparin documentation in polish and tham make the manual in english - polish for this library.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-09-11

Graphics 2D Library all class

Improve speed in write and read for best performance during redo undo method.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-09-10

Graphics 2D Library all class

New Improvement.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-08-29

Graphics 2D Library all class

All the class is coded. Now some function fault so solve problem next release. Now the intersection is as expected.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-08-25

Graphics 2D Library more class

Improved intersection for recalculate the line.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-08-14

Graphics 2D Library more class

More class and function

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-07-23

Graphics 2D Library more class 0.0.02

Added new class at the library. Inserted a developer set. You can find in it the test program and the library source. Made for Bcb5.
Opening the zip file directory creating, you find the complite ambient to develop the library or testing the function.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-07-15

Project help wonted

I need help for speeding drowing function, and to port the same function in other category made using openGL

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-07-08

Graphics 2D Point and Vector Class

Is redi the CustomPoint2D an Vector2D class. From this you can derive mor specialized point, or circle ecc. In this library is usin extensif of Visual data builder, project avelable in source forge.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-07-06

Graphics 2D Analysis

Is cooming out the analisis of the project, in thet way who wont partecipate know wot to do.

Posted by Ballabio Angelo 2000-06-27