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Development Version 1.121 is released

This is a bug fix to fix the new logging code which causes certain days to not show up in the logging dialog box

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2001-07-18

Development version 1.12 is released

This release adds the ability to query a wcto server for a response from a two way pager. Also adds the ability to send a number of pre-canned responses to the two way pager.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2001-07-14

Development version 1.1 is released

This is a major feature and code upgrade. It seems to be very stable for me however it should be considered a development version and treated as such.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2001-04-29

Version 1.01 is released

This is a minor bug fix

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2001-03-12

Version 1.0 is released

This is the offical 1.0 release of g-page. All current users should upgrade

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2001-02-05

g-page beta 1 has been released

I have also included binaries for Solaris on the Sparc platform.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2001-01-11

Version 0.60 of g-page has been released

This version adds support for the Solaris platform plus the addition of some minor features and minor bug fixes.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2000-11-27

g-page version 0.50 has been released

This version adds support for the new WCTP protocol for 1.0 and 1.5 way messaging. The ability to schedule recurring pages has also been added.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2000-10-28

g-page version 0.40 is released

This version adds support for sending scheduled pages. I also cleaned up the message log viewer.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2000-09-23

Version 0.31 of g-page has been released

This is a minor big fix which updates all previous versions of g-page.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2000-07-30

Version 0.30 is officially released

This release adds many new features and most memory leaks are gone. G-page has been heavily tested and is very stable.

Posted by Hiro Protagonist 2000-07-26