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Read Me

	# yum install psutils	-OR-	$ sudo apt-get install psutils
	# yum install file	-OR-	$ sudo apt-get install file
    gamin-python / python-gamin
	# yum install gamin-python -OR-	$ sudo apt-get install python-gamin

Download and unpack:

    $ tar zxf gnome-manual-duplex.tar.gz
    $ cd gnome-manual-duplex

    $ make
    $ su
    # make install		-OR-	$ sudo make install

    Using the Gnome 2 or Gnome-3 Classic (fallback) GUI:
	1a)	System Tools -> Gnome Manual Duplex
		- OR -
	1b)	Add to Panel -> Gnome Manual Duplex applet -> Add
	2)	Print -> GnomeManualDuplex (Virtual Printer) -> Print

    Using the Gnome 3 Shell GUI:
	1)	$ gnome-session-properties 
		Startup Programs -> GnomeManualDuplex -> Enable
	2)	Print -> GnomeManualDuplex (Virtual Printer) -> Print

    Works with *.ps and *.pdf files.
    Works with Gnome-2 or Gnome-3.

Works with:
    HP LaserJet 1000/1005/1018/1020/1022
    HP LaserJet Pro P1102/P1566
    HP LaserJet P1005/P1006/P1505
    HP Color LaserJet 1600/2600n/CP1215
    Minolta/QMS magicolor 2300 DL

Howto (video):


Subversion Access:
    svn co \
	svn:// \

    svn co \
	--username=USERNAME \ \