POST requests are missing parameters - fix?


  • Anonymous

    Great work!

    I had a problem with missing POST params. Either "__EVENTVALIDATION" or "__VIEWSTATE" or both  were missing and this generated exceptions on all postbacks. I added the parameters in the code getting them from the previous GET requests. I had to UrlEcode the parameter values for them to be parsed correctly on the server.  Then the postbacks worked! :)

    I guess there is some bug in the proxy and when it can't get the parameters correctly it just omits them. I guess they should be UrlDecode-d in order to be correct and not generate errors.

    So the final code should look like this:

    CurrentRequest.PostParams.Add(new RequestParam(@"__VIEWSTATE", HttpUtility.UrlEncode(@"…")));
    CurrentRequest.PostParams.Add(new RequestParam(@"__EVENTVALIDATION", HttpUtility.UrlEncode(@"…")));

    System.Web should be added by default to the assembly list.

    I hope this helps. :)


  • Anonymous

    I've fixed the bug with post parameters. The problem was with UrlEncoding/Decoding the parameters as I thought. I changed SetRequestData and ParseRequestData methods in BaseTemplateExecuteClass.cs and made a small change in IExplorerRecorder.cs. Whould you like me to send you the files?