That worked. Thanks for the prompt reply. Your support of this project is exemplary.

I'll test the C code when it is available.

- Scott

From: Michael Rash <mbr@cipherdyne.org>
To: fwknop-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Sun, February 28, 2010 3:37:02 PM
Subject: Re: [Fwknop-discuss] Two issues - debian package vs building from source, and server and random ports error

On Feb 28, 2010, scottbmbox-cdo@yahoo.com wrote:

> Tried getting fwknop 1.9.12 server working via .deb install on Ubuntu 8.04, but couldn't. It installed, but I couldn't get it to open the port. My current theory as to why is there is some kind of conflict involving libpcap0.7 (.deb dependency) and libpcap0.8 (which was already installed).
> So I switched to building the server from source. That went fine. All 303 tests passed.
> Over on the 1.9.12 client, also running on an Ubuntu 8.04 vm, which I installed via .deb, after building the server from source I was now able to access the desired port if I sent my request to a specific server port. But when I tried to send the packet to a random server port, but I got the following error message:
> client command:
> fwknop -A tcp/22 -a --rand-port -D
> error message:
> Cannot use --Server-port and --rand-port at the same time at /usr/bin/fwknop line 977.
> So I switched to building the client from source. Retried the client command; got the same error message.
> Any idea what's wrong?

Hi Scott,

That bug has been fixed in the legacy perl code in this changeset:


I've attached the updated fwknop perl client to this email (md5:

There will be a -pre release of the fwknop C code fairly soon as well just
in case people want to test out some of the latest work.



> - Scott

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