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Fwbuilder or Cisco?????

  • Vadim Kurland
    Vadim Kurland

    fwbuilder is not a router, it is firewall configuration and management software.

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams

    Yeah, heh heh.

    At any rate, for the number of clients you have, I would recommend using a (cisco) router to route, and a (*nix) firewall to firewall, not one box doing both (although it would probably still work).

    It isn't about the number of clients you have, it is about the usage. A good linux box should be able to handle up to 70-80mbps for a small rule base, and 30-40mbps for a larger one.

    I have about 1000 internal clients (pcs), 100 servers, and 30,000+ external users. On a Linux (desktop pc) firewall running at 2.4 Ghz, the performance was as good or better than a $30,000 Nokia IP4xx series running checkpoint FW-1.



  • Fulanito

    Then you recommend me something like this:

    Internet>>Router>> Fwbuilder> Lans

    Do you know a good Router GPL?

    Why is incorrect to use fwbuilder like this?

    Internet > Fwbuilder with NAT > Multiples LAN and DMZ

    Thanks a lot for your help