fwbuilder 3.0.2 iptables installer

  • I may be missing something obvious here....

    I compiled 3.0.2 on my ubuntu workstation to test out fwbuilder. I have a basic policy set up.

    When installing the policy, compiling works fine but on install fwbuilder was trying to run the firewall script from /etc/fw/tmp. My setup is configured to run from /etc/fw/

    I set the option "A command that the installer should execute on the firewall ..." to sudo /etc/fw/<filename> and now the install works fine, but I couldn't find a reference to the /tmp folder that was being inserted with the default configuration.

    What'd I miss?

    • Vadim Kurland
      Vadim Kurland

      there is setting in the "Installer" tab of the firewall object dialog that is called "Directory where firewall script should be installed". Another thing - if you checked checkbox "Test run" in the installer dialog , then installer will try to put the script in a temporary place.

    • test run - that's exactly it.

      Thanks for the quick response!