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Moving from a standard interface to a vlan

  • Gil

    My current configuration currently has eth0 as the local interface for my firewall and a few other interfaces for separate internal networks.
    We are changing the network topology and the FW will now be connected via eth0 to a trunk port in the switch and a few internal networks that were once separated on different switches will now be on the same switch on different vlans, this means that my eth0 will now become a parent interface to eth0.100 eth0.101 and so on.
    The problem is that I have quite a lot configuration referring to eth0 directly, is there a way to convert eth0 to eth0.101 and keep all existing references? (something like renaming it to eth99, adding a new eth0 and dragging eth99 to be a child of the new eth0. After that - I will be able to rename it to eth0.101 as it will have eth0 as the parent. I tried it and it didn't work…)
    Any suggestions? thanks.