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Future support in Amazon Web Service

  • lightofgood

    Any plans to allow FWBuilder to port firewall configurations to Amazon Web Service Virtual Private Cloud's security features - Network ACL's and Security Groups?

  • Mike Horn
    Mike Horn

    Apologies for the delayed response, we don't currently have any plans to add support for AWS VPC security features to Firewall Builder.  If there are other users that would be interested in this please add a comment to this post so that we can keep track of how many users would want this feature.

  • JOOPbox

    Hi there!

    Amazon Web Service is becoming quite popular nowadays, so we are also very interested that this feature would be added to FWBuilder.

    Hope to hear good news about this soon :)


  • Anonymous

    Can you share more details about what you support for Amazon Web Service you are looking for?  Are you interested in using host-based iptables firewalls on guest VMs on AWS or support to configure security group policies?

    Any examples of what actions you would like to be able to perform in Firewall Builder for configuring AWS would be helpful.

  • lightofgood

    Hi! I was interested in configuring AWS security groups for my EC2 instances (both VPC and non-VPC flavors).

    FWBuilder is already capable of editing host based iptable firewall rules so editing iptables rules on EC2 instances shouldn't be an issue.