Running FUSEPod under Ubunto 6.10

  • andersmarten

    Hi, FUSEPod seems to be the right thing for my project. I am doing an embedded device that shall be able to read and write Ipod's. When trying the FUSEPod out on my PC with Ubuntu 6.10 I get into problems:

    Mounting the /media/ipod works fine with the command "fusepod ~/ipod". I have got the IPOD_DIR env variable pointing at /media/ipod.

    1) To be able to list the contents of my ~/ipod directory I am forced to use "sudo ls ipod". Why do I need to use the sudo command?

    2) Copying a file to the ~/ipod/Transfer directory works OK. But why can't I see the copied file with the ls command?

    3) When running "sudo ~/ipod/" I get the error message: "sudo: /home/anders/ipod/ command not found". Why? The script exists.

    Still I am impressed about this software and hope I can get real use of it in my device.


    • trhermes

      You need to make sure you run it like this:  ~/ipod/./