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What is new in 1.6

* Workaround for missing truncate operation on old sftp servers

* Bug fixes

What is new in 1.5

* Improvements to read performance.  Now both read and write
  throughput should be very close to 'scp'

* If used with FUSE 2.6.0 or later, then perform better data caching.
  This should show dramatic speed improvements when a file is opened
  more than once

* Bug fixes

What is new in 1.4

* Updated to version 25 of libfuse API

* This means that the 'cp' of readonly file to sshfs bug is finally
  solved (as long as using libfuse 2.5.0 or later *and* Linux 2.6.15
  or later)

* Sshfs now works on FreeBSD

* Added option to "transform" absolute symbolic links

What is new in 1.3

* Add workaround for failure to rename to an existing file

* Simple user ID mapping

* Estimate disk usage of files based on size

* Report "infinite" disk space

* Bug fixes

What is new in 1.2

* Better compatibility with different sftp servers

* Automatic reconnect (optional)

What is new in 1.1

* Performance improvements:

   - directory content caching

   - symlink caching

   - asynchronous writeback

   - readahead

* Fixed '-p' option

What is new in 1.0

* Initial release