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2012-05-14  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* When checking root directory use LSTAT not STAT.  This prevents
	I/O error being returned after a successful mount if a symlink is
	mounted.  Reported by Bart Friederichs

2012-03-08  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 2.4

2012-03-08  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Make sure idmap files aren't writable by others otherwise, other
	local users could change the mapping, and gain access to things
	they shouldn't.  Patch by Mike Kelly

2012-02-08  Chris Wolfe <>

	* Add -o slave. This option routes the sftp communication over stdin
	and stdout, bypassing SSH and network.

2011-12-16  Mike Kelly <>

	* Add -o idmap=file, -o uidmap=FILE, -o gidmap=FILE. These options
	allow you to create a pair of local files, similar to /etc/passwd or
	/etc/group files from the remote server, and use those to remap all
	the given UIDs/GIDs.

2011-11-25  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Make chown respect the UID mapping policy.  Reported and tested
	by Vivenzio Pagliari

2011-11-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Submit max 32k reads and writes to the sftp server.  Also don't
	limit the kernel to 64k reads and writes, rather split into 32k
	sized chunks and send them to the server all at once.  This is
	more efficient and less demanding from the server.  Reported by
	Ludovic Courtès.  Fix suggested by Niels Möller

2011-11-14  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix double free if reconnection races with request sending.
	Patch by E. Kuemmerle

	* Add locking around modifver and connver

2011-10-21  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Remove "-oPreferredAuthentications" from ssh options if the
	"password_stdin" option is used.  Reported by E. Kuemmerle

2011-08-24  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add "-oworkaround=fstat" for SFTP servers which don't support
	the FSTAT message.  Patch by: Percy Jahn

2011-07-01  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 2.3

2011-07-01  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add hard link operation.  Works if the server supports the
	"" protocol extension.

2011-03-25  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix possible deadlock on reconnection.  Reported by Florian

2011-01-25  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix cleanup when ssh connection is terminated.  This prevents
	sshfs hanging when the server is rebooted, for example.

2010-03-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Set FD_CLOEXEC on fuse device.  This prevents deadlocks that
	happen in some circumstances ( #12864).
	Reported by Tim Connors

2009-07-15  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Check mountpoint and fuse options before starting an ssh
	session (debian bug #535333).  This is only supported if compiled
	against libfuse-2.6 or later. Reported by Greg Kochanski

	* Check that the remote path specified refers to the same type of
	file as the mountpoint, i.e. both are directories or both are
	non-directories (debian bug #535343).  Reported by Greg Kochanski

	* Allow mounting a single non-directory from the server

2009-07-15  Sebastian Dransfeld <>

	* Add option 'delay_connect': This will always create the sshfs mount,
	even if the connection to the server can't be established.

2009-01-27  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Print usage information and version to stdout, not stderr.
	Libfuse also needs to be fixed up.  Reported by Kārlis Repsons

2008-10-20  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 2.2

2008-10-20  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Escape commas in fsname option if libfuse supports it

2008-10-08  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Handle numerical IPv6 addresses enclosed in square brackets.
	Reported by Andre-John Mas

	* Fix error if username contains a comma character.  Reported by
	Yang Zhang

	* Fix harmless glib assertations with "cache=no"

2008-07-11  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 2.1

2008-07-11  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix statvfs extension to match the current protocol in

	* Check version numbers of extensions, so such changes wouldn't
	cause stupid behavior

2008-06-24  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add '-F' option to specify the ssh config file.  Patch by Pat

2008-05-06  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix bug in caching which could cause file corruption for append
	mode writes.  Reported by Jose Alonso

2008-05-05  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix compile on OS X.  Original patch from Michael G Schwern

	* Fix compile on Solaris.  Reported by Jean-Jacques Sarton

2008-04-23  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 2.0

2008-04-23  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add manual page.  Written by Bartosz Fenski

2008-04-22  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add missing ssh options: ControlMaster, ControlPath,
	KbdInteractiveAuthentication, KbdInteractiveDevices, LocalCommand,
	RekeyLimit (Debian bug #430225).

	* Allow the '-ossh_command=CMD' command to contain parameters.
	Escape charater is backslash.

	* Limit write requests to 64kB.

	* Support "" extension, which will be available
	in OpenSSH 5.1.

2008-04-21  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix incorrect disk usage reported by 'du' for files of size 4GB
	or above.  Reported by Christian Boltz.

2008-04-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* If debugging is enabled, print some statistics at exit about the
	number of bytes transferred, etc..

2008-03-31  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Support "" extension available in
	OpenSSH 4.9.  This allows rename to be atomic even when target
	file or directory exists.  If available, the extension will be
	used instead of the rename operation in the original protocol and
	the "-oworkaround=rename" option will be ignored.

2008-03-28  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add support for password authentication with pam_mount.
	Original patch and help with testing: John S. Skogtvedt

2008-03-03  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix ssh debug only appearing if "-d" is used.  Reported by
	Michael Gorbach

2008-01-03  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix condition for building of

2007-12-17  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.9

2007-12-12  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix checking for fuse_opt_parse in configure

2007-12-11  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fill in st_ctime attribute with st_mtime, instead of leaving it

	* Check for OpenSSH version >= 4.4, and if found, don't build the workaround

2007-12-10  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix crash on writing files, caused by missing locking around

	* Don't time requests when not debugging

	* Add subtype support with libfuse >= 2.7.0

	* Abort on allocation failure instead of exit

	* Correctly show default of nodelaysrv workaround in help message

2007-05-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.8

2007-05-15  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add needed g_thread_init() to fix rare crashes.  Reported by
	Dimitrios Apostolou

	* Fix memory leak in sshfs_open_common()

2007-04-18  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix crash within gdb, caused by sem_wait() returning with an
	error on interrupt.  Reported by Dimitrios Apostolou

	* Fix spurious cache entries remaining after renaming a directory

2007-02-28  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Don't set DISPLAY environment variable to "", because it breaks
	ssh-askpass.  Make nodelaysrv_workaround default to off, because
	with this change it may have security implications.

2007-02-19  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* OpenSSH sftp-server can read requests faster, than it processes
	them, when it's buffer is full it aborts.  This can happen on a
	large upload to a slow server.  Work around this by limiting the
	total size of outstanding reqests.  Debian bug #365541.  Tracked
	down by Thue Janus Kristensen

	* Add --disable-sshnodelay configure option.  The
	hack shouldnt be needed with OpenSSH client versions >= 4.3

2006-12-20  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Work around write performace issues due to missing TCP_NODELAY
	in sshd.  Reported by Justin Searle

2006-11-10  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix bug which ommitted directory entries for symlinks with the
	-ofollow_symlinks option.  Bug reported by Mikael Ståldal

2006-09-29  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix segfault if there are outstanding writes to the server after
	release on the file descriptor.  This only happened on FreeBSD.
	Reported by Andriy Gapon

2006-08-18  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.7

2006-08-17  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Cosmetics on bogus statfs numbers

2006-08-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add option 'follow_symlinks' to resolve symlinks on the server.

	* On setups where the login shell prints a banner, the sftp
	protocol was confused, and bailed out with "reply len too large:
	...".  So iterate over any rubbish read immediately after login
	until a valid reply is found.

	* Check remote directory for existence before mounting.  Closes
	Ubuntu bug #46633

2006-03-10  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Use socketpair() instead of pipe() for communication between ssh
	and sshfs.  Patch from Csaba Henk

	* Update to FUSE interface version 26

2006-03-09  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.6

2006-03-09  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix segfault if remote host is down and reconnection is enabled

2006-03-08  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix bug in symlink transformation.  Reported by Ralf Hoffmann

2006-02-24  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add workaround for broken truncate on old sftp servers.  Can be
	enabled with '-oworkaround=truncate'.  Patch from Joseph M Link

2006-02-23  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Avoid double memcpy on writes.  Patch by Joseph M Link

	* More memory copy avoidance

2006-02-22  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add -fPIC to the comile flags of  Reported by
	Anthony Kolasny

2006-02-20  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.5

2006-02-19  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix compilation with old FUSE versions.  Report by Kurt George

2006-02-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Block TERM/INT/HUP/QUIT signals in sshfs reading thread, so they
	will always be received by the FUSE main thread.  Fixes the
	"double ^C" problem seen on FreeBSD.

	* Use 'auto_cache' option if available, so that file cache is not
	thrown away on each open.  This should make repeated reading of a
	file much much faster.

2006-01-31  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix problems with nodelay workaround on FreeBSD.

2006-01-30  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix data consitency bug if readahead is enabled and writes are
	intermixed with reads.  Solution is far from optimal, since it
	will prevent readahead in the above situation.  If used with FUSE
	>= 2.6.0 with Linux-2.6.X, readahead will be done by the kernel,
	and hence there will be no performance penalty.  Bug reported and
	test program written by Wolfgang Köbler.  Further testing on
	FreeBSD by Csaba Henk

2006-01-29  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add '-olarge_read' option for Linux-2.4.*.  This should
	generally improve download performance

2006-01-27  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add workaround (enabled by default) for ssh clients not setting
	TCP_NODELAY on the network connection.  Currently this is all
	known versions of openssh.  This may improve download speed in
	some circumstances

	* Make it possible to idividually disable workarounds with a "no"

	* Change '-otransform_symlinks' not to prefix with the mountpoint
	(which is fragile wrt. moving/binding the mount).  Rather convert
	absolute symlinks to relative if possible.  Does not yet work if
	base path is itself relative

2006-01-25  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Use TCP_NODELAY socket option for direct connection.  This may
	improve download speed in some circumstances

2006-01-20  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Update to fuse API 2.6

	* Don't do readahead in sshfs if it's done in kernel

2006-01-14  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.4

2006-01-09  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Added 'transform_symlinks' option to "fix-up" absolute symlinks.
	Patch by Paul Jarc

	* Add option parsing implementation, so linking with older than
	2.5.0 libfuse still works.

2005-12-09  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Use new option parsing interface of FUSE

2005-11-28  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Set statvfs::f_frsize

2005-11-23  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix warnings on 64bit systems.  Reported by D. R. Evans

2005-11-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Replace EPROTO with the more portable EIO

	* Fix bug in option parsing.  Reported by Csaba Henk

2005-10-29  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Use FUSE version 25 if available

	* Add <sys/socket.h> include.  Reported by Csaba Henk

2005-10-29  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.3

2005-10-28  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add atomic create+open and ftruncate operation.  This should fix
	issues with 'cp' and other programs failing with "Permission
	denied".  To be effective, needs FUSE version 2.5 and kernel
	version 2.6.15 (just a guess, since neither of them is released

2005-10-27  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add support for SSH protocol version 1.  Bug reported by Miklos
	Bagi Jr.

2005-10-26  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix typo (ConnectTimeout -> ConnectionTimeout) in ssh options.
	Bug reported by Miklos Bagi Jr.

2005-10-19  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* GNOME Nautilus fails to copy file to sshfs filesystem, because
	FUSE returns zero free space.  So instead return huge (999999999
	kbytes) amount of free space, yet it should be obvious that the
	number is artificial.  Bug report by Peter Kronheimer

2005-10-18  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add remote uid detection and translation ('idmap=user' option).
	Idea and implementation details worked out by Jean-Marc Valin

2005-10-17  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add one more missing lock.

	* Add workaround for failure to rename to an existing file.  Based
	on patch by Michael Best

2005-10-15  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Protect request ID allocation with mutex.  Bug report by Tvrtko

2005-08-17  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Try to calculate approximate disk usage of files from their
	size, so that 'du' returns meaningful results.  Problem reported
	by Bernd Amend.

2005-08-15  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.2

2005-08-13  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add 'reconnect' option, which tries to reconnect to the server
	when the connection is broken.  If a password is required for
	connection, it is recommended that you install ssh-askpass, and
	set the SSH_ASKPASS environment variable (see 'man ssh' for more

2005-05-05  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Work around missing truncate() support in some older sftp
	servers (only works for zero size truncate).  Thanks to Eduard
	Czimbalmos for the bug report and help with testing

2005-04-13  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Fix compilation with gcc-2.95.  Reported by David A. Gershman

2005-03-08  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Make it work on server version 2 (e.g. Sun_SSH_1.0.1).  Report
	and testing by Pieter J. Kersten

2005-03-04  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.1

2005-03-03  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Slightly optimize readahead.  Still not clever enough to always
	keep the pipe filled.

	* Add 'sshfs_debug' option

2005-02-17  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Parse 'max_read' mount option and if smaller than 65536 forward
	to FUSE

2005-02-16  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Added simple readahead (big performance gain in case of
	sequential read pattern).  Can be disabled with '-o no_readahead'

2005-02-14  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Added asynchronous writeback (big performance gain) and made
	this the default.  Can be disabled with '-o sshfs_sync'

2005-02-09  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Added option to start arbitary command instead of 'ssh'

	* Re-added '-p PORT' as a convenience option, also '-C' works as
	in ssh.

2005-02-08  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Add caching of symlinks

	* Add support for many ssh options to be passed to ssh

	* Port number can now actually be specified with "-o port=PORT",
	bug spotted by Andrew Ukrainec

2005-02-07  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Separate attribute caching to a separate layer

	* Add caching of directory contents

2005-02-03  Miklos Szeredi <>

	Fix PKG_CONFIG_PATH setting in (reported by Alpar

2005-01-09  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Released 1.0

2004-12-04  Miklos Szeredi <>

	* Started ChangeLog