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What is new in 1.1

* Support for the 2.6 kernels

* Support for exporting filesystem over NFS in 2.6 kernels

* Read efficiency improvements: read in 64k blocks instead of 4k
(Michael Grigoriev).  Can be turned on with '-l' option of fusermount

* Lazy automatic unmount

* Added 'fsync()' VFS call to the FUSE interface

* Bugfixes

What is new in 1.0

* Cleanups and bugfixes

* Added 'release()' VFS call to the FUSE interface

* 64 bit file offsets (handling of > 4 GByte files)

* libfuse is now under LGPL

* New 'statfs' call (Mark Glines)

* Cleaned up mount procedure (mostly by Mark Glines)

  NOTE: Binaries linked with with a previous version of libavfs may
  not work with the new version of the fusermount program.  In such
  case recompile the program after installing the new libavfs library.

* Fix for problems under linux kernel 2.4.19


What is new in 0.95

* Optimized read/write operations.  Raw throughput has increased to
about 60Mbyte/s on a Celeron/360

* Python bindings by Jeff Epler

* Perl bindings by Mark Glines

* Improved multithreaded operation

* Simplified library interface

* Bugfixes


What is new in 0.9:

* Everything