Fuse for Mac OS X 20070705 released

A new public beta of the next version of Fuse for Mac OS X has been released.

Changes since the last release

* Switch to using OpenGL, CoreAudio and Cocoa for video, sound and user interaction and cease to use SDL.
* Run emulation in a separate thread.
* Merge in changes from upstream Fuse revision 3044
o Add +D disk interface support (Stuart Brady).
o Fix contention for LD?R, CP?R and IN?R (Philip Kendall; thanks, Mark Woodmass).
o Fix undocumented flags after BIT n,(IX+d) instructions (Philip Kendall).
o Fix undocumented behaviour of DAA (Stuart Brady).
o Separate out contention when MREQ isn't active, as the +2A/+3 ULA applies contention only when MREQ is active (Philip Kendall).
o Add Hi-Fi beeper option for improved reproduction of multi-channel beeper tunes (e.g. Fairlight 2, Wham - the Music Box) (Fredrick Meunier).
o Add support for saving tape images without using tape traps (Fredrick Meunier).
o Add support for loading from WAV tape images (Fredrick Meunier).
o Add support for saving CSW tape images and TZX direct recording blocks (Fredrick Meunier).
o Allow distinction between "soft" resets (activing the reset line on the Z80) and "hard" resets (pulling the power) (Stuart Brady).
* Merge in changes from upstream lib765-0.4.0 and libdsk-1.1.12 (+3 bugfixes).
* Make sure we clean up temporary files from all media, not just tapes.
* Stop processing keypresses in the emulator when the command key is pressed.
* Various other minor bugfixes.

Posted by Fredrick Meunier 2007-07-07