#8 Snapshot Saves produce error


Saving a snapshot in z80 or sna format always gives this error:

"Some information has been lost in conversion; the snapshot may not work"

The snapshots do load back into Fuse, albeit with this dialog:

"Configure Joystick
The snapshot you are loading is configured for a cursor joystick connected to the keyboard and joystick 1. Fuse is not currently configured for a cursor joystick, would you like to connect the joystick to:"

They don't load on other emulators tho, which is a shame as I'm trying to get a game I've written online with Hob (http://twinbee.org/hob/)

any ideas please?


  • z80 and sna formats don't support many computers and peripherals supported by Fuse, and also don't support any spectrum with full fidelity. You get the information lost message when you have enabled some option that cannot be faithfully represented in the format.

    What game are you trying to snapshot and what hardware emulation options do you have enabled?


  • Anonymous

    I thought that might be the case so have 'None' selected in the Peripherals prefs, and no joysticks set as emulated.

    I'm using the default rom and 48k spectrum as the machine — I'm mainly interested in a game I've produced myself (thorough a complier so only have a TAP format), but I've tried all sorts of games with the same result.

  • We really need step-by-step specifics of a case that doesn't work. e.g. I just loaded Exolon.tzx with Spectrum 48K and no peripherals or joystick options selected. I saved a sna file on the title screen which produces the expected information lost dialog box that you will just about always get with sna format due to its limitations. The resulting file loads without error in Fuse and ZXSP on the Mac.

    Please give a full example that doesn't work, preferably with a link to a problem snapshot file and I can take a look.



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