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#168 Fullscreen with GTK UI using XRandr


Here's a patch (I sent a previous version to -devel) which allows switching fuse to full screen, using the GTK UI.
The XRandr extension is used to change video modes, and autodetects the best available video mode (1x, 2x or 3x 320x240 resolution).

Personally I missed this feautre badly, hope it'll be accepted. If not, comment please why!


  • Philip Kendall
    Philip Kendall

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    The biggest problem I see with this patch is that you can't get *out* of full-screen mode easily.

    Little bits:

    * The full screen option shouldn't be present on UIs other than GTK+ and SDL.
    * Please don't add arbitrary accelerators to unrelated features (F12 for Filters)
    * There are debug prints left in the patch.

    They can all be fixed up -- I think the problem is how to deal with menus etc when fullscreened.

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    Ok, new try...
    The full screen menu item now displayed only with GTK ui, since it didn't work well with SDL.
    The settings is now shown only with GTK and SDL.
    The debugging output of the available display modes are commented out, sometimes it can be handy to un-comment it.

    But the un-fullscreen issue: you can always use the accelerators in fullscreen, too, even F4 works to get in the settings menu, and one press of F11 and you're out. Do you think a menu is needed even in fullscreen mode, maybe with "autohide" feature?
    Dosbox, dosemu, and more similar progs doesn't have it. Or use ALT+ENTER (it's like a standard)? How to specify it as an accelerator?
    File Added: fuse-gtk-xrandr-fullscreen.diff

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    Regarding getting out of full screen, I would say something similar to what VMware player does would be good. Before you go into full screen mode, it pops up a message:
    "Enter Full Screen mode?
    To leave Full Screen, press the Ctrl+Alt key combination
    [ ]Never show this hint again
    <Enter Full Screen> <Cancel>"

    And I think that would be easiest to implement for now. I'm not sure if half of the people would want any menus in full screen mode. For me I would even prefer not see Spectrum's border in full screen.
    Just a suggestion...

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    Next try...

    Now a message displayed on the bottom of the screen how to get out of full screen.
    But this could be very annoying, so...
    - Add an option to disable the message?
    - Auto-hide it after some time, e.g. 30 seconds?
    - Both?
    - Do it another way (I would not like a message box, as specu suggested...)?

    I don't believe you're not missing this feature, just try it on a TV hooked on the video-out, you'll back 20 years :))

    File Added: fuse-gtk-xrandr-fullscreen-withmessage.diff