Fuse 0.7.0 and libspectrum 0.2.2 released

The Fuse team is pleased to announce the release of Fuse 0.7.0, the associated utilities and version 0.2.2 of the Spectrum emulator support library, libspectrum.

Highlights of this version include:

* Fuse
+ Scorpion ZS 256, Spectrum +3e and Spectrum SE support.
+ Interface II, ZXATASP and ZXCF support.
+ Much improved contended memory and floating bus emulation.
+ Improved display timings.

See the ChangeLog for full details:


* Utilities
+ New createhdf utility for creating blank .hdf IDE hard disk images.


* libspectrum
+ Support for Scorpion ZS 256, Spectrum +3e and Spectrum SE.
+ Support for .hdf IDE hard disk images.
+ Support for ZXATASP, ZXCF and Interface II.
+ Support for saving Timex DOCK and EXROM contents.

A "buggy Win32 snapshot missing a lot of functionality" is available at <http://www.castlesofpoland.com/fuse-win32-snapshot.zip>, with thanks to Marek Januszewski.

Posted by Philip Kendall 2004-07-16