Fuse released

In a phenomenon which is becoming unfortunately common, the Fuse team hereby announce the release of Fuse This is basically a bugfix release for version 0.6.2, consisting of the following changes:

* Compilation fixes:
+ sdljoystick.h missing from tarball (thanks, Owen Dunn).
+ Link failure if a widget UI in use and lib765 not available (thanks, Jamie Glendinning).
+ Compilation failure if ROMSDIR defined (Darren Salt).

* Bugfixes:
+ Use of the SDL icons could cause screen corruption (Simon Tatham).
+ The reverse page mapping for 0xc000 - 0xffff would occasionally be wrong on the +2A/+3 (Philip Kendall).

* Miscellaneous:
+ Allow selectable devices to be used for the real joysticks (Darren Salt).
+ Use glib 2.0 if available (Darren Salt).
+ Allow ROMSDIR to be set when configuring (Darren Salt).

This is now available from the Fuse homepage, http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Philip Kendall 2004-02-19