#72 Change to status icon order?

Fredrick Meunier

Crisis from WoS suggests reordering the status icons in Fuse:

the pause-paws fits better next to the 100% since its both about speed of the emulator itself. Next to the left, Tape since every zx has tape, always.
Then the mouse and other hardware, and finaly, most in the middle, all possible discs , meaning a MGT or TRD with1 disc of IF1 with 1 drive has only 1 icon. If an interface has severall hardware drives really available the eg an TRD will have disc icon for A,B,C and D. Any icon that is actively used can have a red and or green color as indication, like a disc might be red when Being-formatted or other wise written.


  • Stuart Brady
    Stuart Brady

    So the ordering should be, from left-to-right:
    * Machine name
    * Mouse
    * Microdrives/disks
    * Tape
    * Pause
    * Emulation speed

    If so, I think I would have to agree.

  • As far as I understand the proposed ordering is, from left-to-right:

    • Machine name
    • Disks (upto 4 drives)
    • Microdrive
    • Mouse
    • Tape
    • Pause
    • Emulation speed

    I would say yes to the ordering. Not sure about duplicate drive icons. On the Interface 1 counterpart, showing 8 microdrives seems overwhelmed but maybe there are more interest on disks than microdrives. Not sure about the complexity of read/write status too.

    I've had a look (patch attached):

    • Icons in the status bar on SDL UI had fixed positions. I have used a technique similar to xlib UI.
    • On GTK+ UI, there is not enough space in the status bar when using 1x graphic filter. A black bar is shown at the right so I'm tempted to hide the mouse icon. Is it needed when there is no kempston mouse interface enabled?
    • I'm tempted to show only one disk icon on Spectrum +3 machines. Currently the disk icon is linked to the motor_on signal which is shared by both external and internal disk drives.
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