#22 XBox 360 music displayed as unknown


I'm wondering if I have a bad xbox.cfg or found a problem. I just installed FUPPES 0.677 and Videos are organized perfectly. However, Music files are all categorized as "unknown" when displayed on XBox 360 or Windows Media Player 12. When using the Web Interface, I can choose "none" when browsing the virtual folder layout and everything is organized properly. When I choose "xbox" or "default" when browsing the virtual folder layout, my files are also organized as "unknown".

Any ideas?


  • xbox and vfolder config files

  • I don't see anything wrong with your config files (though I recommend you turn the fixed uuid option on, since otherwise your xbox will freak out a bit each time you restart fuppes).

    I quess what you mean is that under the Artists or Albums folders (etc) you don't see the albums or artists, but just a folder called unknown? That would be caused by lack of metadata information in the fuppes database. Fuppes uses taglib for reading the tags from music files, so could you check that you have that installed on your machine and fuppes is built with support for it.

  • FUPPES was built with "./configure --enable-taglib" so I'm assuming I have the proper version of taglib. Is there a specific package that I should make sure I have?

    Is there something I check in the FUPPES database? I did "select * from OBJECTS;" but didn't see any MP3 tag information (it scrolled pretty fast, so I might have missed it).

    Last night, FUPPES scanned 10,000+ MP3 files, so it looked like it was reading the MP3 tag information from them.

    Thanks for assist!

  • Yea! I found the problem.

    Running "make clean distclean" doesn't clean out the shared library file in: /usr/local/lib/libfuppes.so.0.0.0. Every time I cleaned, configured and compiled, that file was never updated during "make install". After I manually replaced the file, all of the metadata plugins showed up (including taglib). I rebuilt the database and my XBox was happy.

    After playing with Orb, TVMobili, Jinzora, TVersity and MediaTomb, FUPPES rocks! Thanks for making significant updates in the past few months to bring it some life.

    FUPPES still doesn't show up as a UPnP device with Windows Media Player 11, but works fine on Media Player 12. I guess it's time to upgrade to Windows 7.