#47 Rebuilding database by shared object

Mario Ernst

Let's say we have an external drive which has constant data and a local directory which changes regularly. Rebuilding the whole database might be time consuming. Analysing only the local dir (shared object) would speed up the process.


  • Just trying to understand the request: you are suggesting that we find a way for the user to specify whether or not a directory should be monitored?


  • Mario Ernst
    Mario Ernst

    As a second step that might be an option (but don"t forget, that the directory might not be available due to an switched off external HD).

    What I meant is, that each directory can be analyzed _separately_ (triggered by the user). Currently (if I don't mess it up) _all_ directories get analyzed and you are not able to reanalyse just _one_ directory.

    Hope that helps.

  • Oh, so you essentially want the Update DB command to be possible to run on a per directory basis. You can select the directories that it operates on. It seems like a nice suggestion but it does not take that long to run through a directory that has not changed. When you run the Update DB command we do not rebuild the database, we just add the new items that we find. I actually don't see how this will bring much of a benefit because it probably will not save that much time and it is not as easy as just clicking one button or letting inotify do it for you... Maybe I'm not understanding the savings benefits properly, is there something else I should consider? Currently I'm inclined to leave this as a low priority feature request; todo when we have fixed more major problems.

  • Mario Ernst
    Mario Ernst

    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Mario Ernst
    Mario Ernst

    I have an directory (external HD) with _several thousand_ mp3s and a local directory with just some (let's say 100) mp3s. I am not sure right now, but I think it takes quite a while just to scan the external directory (even if there are no changes).

    Might have something to do with the problem, that scanning several thousand mp3s does produce errors (there is roughly a 7000 items limit), but this bug is already reportet (don't know the number right now).

    Anyway, you are right, it's not really important, there is no prob to change the priority.

  • Ulrich Völkel
    Ulrich Völkel

    Depending on the total number of shared files a per directory update might speed things up a little. I will think of it.

    > but don"t forget, that the directory might not be available due to an switched off external HD

    that's one thing I also thought about. It would be cool if we could add the device id as an attribute to a shared directory and deliver it's content depending on the device availability. As soon as you remove/add a device fuppes shows/hides it's files without changing the database.
    An other attribute could specify whether fuppes should start an update if a device becomes available.

    - Uli