Bravia TV and Fuppes

  • Hi, i am try to use Bravia TV KDL-40EX500 with Fuppes on Freenas, but the Bravia TV does not validate fuppes ( try under windows and frenas)

    Is exist an modification for fuppes.cfg to use bravia TV….  it seems that (in other software like ps3m) bravia don't send user-agent … just additional information …

    it is the probleme with those TV ?

    is exist a workaround ?

  • Andreu

    I am try to use TV Bravia KDL-40NX700 with Fuppes on UBUNTU. Bravia TV validate fuppes as DLNA server.
    I have had to compile fuppes from latest sources from the Development fuppes subversion repository, with all options.
    Bravia has many compatibility issues UPnP / DLNA. It is very restrictive.
    Bravia also recognizes a few files (jpg, m2ts, mp3, and a few others)
    Most DLNA servers have similar problems with streaming and especially on fly transcoding.
    Try compiling fuppes with information from the wiki
    With  Inspector UPnP you know  UPnP devices  and DLNA device class (for BRAVIA 1.5)
    There are aspects that I have not run that will plan and questions in the forum