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  • FunkySquid

    I'm new to Fuppes (it's awesome, by the way) and I was looking to do a few things. Some may or may not be possible.

    For reference, I'm serving from an Ubuntu box to my PS3, HR20 and Xbox (original) w/ XBMC. I've only been playing with the PS3 so far.

    1. Rename server. It's showing up on my PS3 as "FUPPES SVN-r584". Is this configurable?

    2. Name specific folders. I've got virtual folders set up, but I'd like to be able to tell Fuppes that the directory "/movies3" should show up as "Kids Movies" in the folder tree.

    3. Limit PS3 browsing of media to the proper media type. In other words, when I am in the "Music" section of the crossbar, I don't want my "Movies" folder to show up. Possible, or PS3 limitation?

    4. Also, when I run Fuppes via init.d (, is a log file created anywhere?

    Thanks for any help!

    • Ulrich Völkel
      Ulrich Völkel


      1. Yes, just add the following lines to the device settings
            <friendly_name>%s %v (%h)</friendly_name>

      where %s (shortname) is FUPPES, %v is the current version and %h the hostname.
      for an example see

      2. This is currently not possible but a good idea. One could set an unique id for a shared dir in the fuppes.cfg and reference this id in the vfolder.cfg.
      something like that:

        <dir ref_id="1234">/mnt/movies3</dir>

        <vfolder name="Movies">
          <vfolder name="Kids Movies">
            <items type="videoItem" ref_id="1234" />

      3. If I remember correctly this is a limitation of the PS3.

      4. You can start fuppes with --log-file /path/to/log.file to redirect the output to a file.

      - Uli

      • FunkySquid

        Thanks for the help. I'd love to see #2 get implemented, and the way you mentioned above seems like a reasonable way to do it.

        However, I think this is probably a low priority suggestion. Other things, like MP3 decoding, seem like they would be much more useful to others, since my issue doesn't prevent me from accessing my media, just the organization of it.

        Again, great job on putting this software together! It seems really solid and I'm sure the nice features will keep on coming.