LameWrapper cannot open library

  • kahomh2000

    hi :
    i got fuppes-0.5.1 and i compiled it very smooth
    it show
      Transcoding enabled
        lame  : yes
        vorbis: yes
        mpc   : yes
        flac  : no

    and when i run fuppes it show some error

    [WARNING :: LameWrapper] cannot open library
    Segmentation fault

    i don't know why? can somebody help

    • Ulrich Völkel
      Ulrich Völkel


      Can you please give me some more information about your system. Wich OS, lame version and the name of your lame library.

      I will fix the segmentation fault in the next version.

      Thanks for reporting!

    • kahomh2000

      Hello :
      my OS is Ubuntu 6.06
      dpkg -l |grep lame
      ii  lame                                   3.97-8                                  open source MP3 encoder
      ii  libmp3lame0                            3.97-8                                  shared libraries for MP3 encoding
      ii  libmp3lame0-dev                        3.97-8                                  development files for lame
      ii  toolame                                02l-2                                   MPEG-1 layer 2 audio encoder

      isit enought ??

      thanks again for your help

    • Ulrich Völkel
      Ulrich Völkel

      yes it is enough! thanks

      So the lame sharedobject-file is named "" correct?!

      fuppes tries to load it with the name "" and seems to crash when it's not found. The crash is definitely a bug and will be fixed in the next version.

      But I still don't know how to fix the problem with the divergent lib-name. lame does not ship with any config scripts or anything like that. So I'm not sure how to check for the correct name.
      But I will find out.

      If you still like to use the current version linking to (ln -s) should fix it. But it's more an ugly hack than a fix.


    • kahomh2000

      very thanks for your help,that doesn't exist 

      i found my link to,but you say fuppes will load to use

      so i add a soft link to
      and that problem is gone ...

      so fuppes is work very fine ...thanks again ^^

    • Ulrich Völkel
      Ulrich Völkel

      The problem is fixed in 0.5.2.
      fuppes now looks for and So you may remove the symlink.
      The seg fault is fixed too.

      Thanks again for reporting this one!