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XBox 360 Help

  • Noah Bowman
    Noah Bowman


    I'm thinking about setting up a media server using FreeNAS and FUPPES but I wanted to know if ANYONE had gotten FUPPES to properly transcode mkv to XBox 360.  The mkv is using h264 and AAC for codecs so I don't really need the hardware to do anything.  Just open the container and stream the media.  I've researched this extensively but I have yet to find anyone who has solved this problem.  I want to make sure it is even possible to do what I want with this setup before I spend the time and money on it.

    Thanks so much to anyone who replies.

  • I have met no one who was able to do it nor found any examples. I was not able to do it myself when i compiled fuppes properly. So as a result this should be high on the bug list.