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#47 Fuppes for windows not working with xbox360 (svn586)

neil sumpter


I've just built the latest (SVN586) build of fuppes on windows, using the information on the wiki. It appears to run happily, can build database etc, the xbox360 can see it, but when you select it on the 360, it fails to connect (timeout).

Looking at the console information, in normal operation (i.e. under linux) I get the following displayed at some point

:1: parser warning : xmlns:ms: ' urn:microsoft-com:wmc-1-0' is not a valid URI
ot xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0" xmlns:ms=" urn:microsoft-com:wmc-1-0"

I believe (from other forum posts) that this is ok. However, under windows this message does not appear - more interestingly it ONLY appears when i hit 'q' to close down fuppes - it's literally the last thing to be displayed before finishing (even after the 'shutdown' messages from fuppes).

i've built using the exact versions specified in the wiki for compiling under windows, with the exception that i'm using sqlite 3.5.4 (not 3.4.2) as I cannot find that version. It needed -lpthread removing from the linker for a correct fuppes build but nothing complained about missing symbols etc from having removed the library. No optional libraries added, no imagemagick, no ffpmeg.

Happy to test anything suggested,



  • Ulrich Völkel
    Ulrich Völkel

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  • Ulrich Völkel
    Ulrich Völkel

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    Do you have any firewall running?

    How does 578 behave on your system?
    In the logs from this bug: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1872493&group_id=141999&atid=751213
    you can see that the xbox requests the fuppes description correctly and fuppes also requests and receives the xbox descrption (this is where the warning appears when fuppes parses the description). It seems something is blocking you network connection.
    But why does the warning appear when closing fuppes!? Really weired!

    Can you please send me a log (loglevel 'debug') and a wireshark capture.

    - Uli

  • neil sumpter
    neil sumpter

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    Yes, my experience is the same as the other bug: i've only tried the binary for 578 so was unable to see if the same occurs (i.e. warning after shutdown); will do a proper build of 578 probably this evening and send full logs/wireshark capture. Just thought it was very strange (and possibly helpful?) that the warning occurs on shutdown...