#183 Fuppes does not show directories

Freek de Kruijf

Using Fuppes 0.660 I can see directories on my Philips TV.
Using Fuppes 0.679 I only see the name of Fuppes, the friendly name, but there are no directories listed.
In the devices directory I have a file "Philips TV.cfg", Its content is:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<device name="Philips TV" virtual="Philips TV" enabled="true">
I also have a file "Philips TV.cfg" in vfolder, which is attached
Making a connection using a browser, and clicking browse in the left column, the pull down menu only lists none and default. The vfolder "Philips TV" is not shown, which I expect there.
On the TV I only see the above mentioned friendly name Fuppes.
What is needed to make the directories with Pictures, Music and Videos visible and usable.


  • File "Philips TV.cfg" in directory .../var/lib/fuppes/vfolder

  • Are you sure you have enabled the Phillips TV -vfolder in fuppes.cfg?

    In fuppes.cfg you should find a section called vfolders, which has an attribute called enabled, which should be set to true (which you already have since you also have the default vfolder enabled). This section contains a number of vfolder-elements which have the attributes name and enabled. The name should be set to the name of the vfolder config file without the file extension, and "enabled" should be set to true. If I remember correctly this has been introduced after 660. You also need to map your device to the device config and vfolder config in the device_mapping section by either IP or MAC address.

    Also your device configuration file is outdated, you should remove the name, virtual and enabled attributes from the device element at the start, and also completely remove the ip-element. Take a look at the default.cfg in the devices folder for an example of the new format (you don't have to use all of the settings that are present in default.cfg, just leave out the bits you don't need)

    For you this would be:
    <vfolders enabled="true">
    <vfolder name="default" enabled="true" />
    <vfolder name="Phillips TV" enabled="true" />
    <ip value="" device="Phillips TV" vfolder="Phillips TV" />