#181 Support for Philips TV

Freek de Kruijf

I have a Philips TV with DLNA which mentiones fuppes as a DLNA server. First I tried 0.660 from a openSUSE Build Service repository, but the TV did not see teh server, The server showed the device.
Yesterday I did a svn update, earlier I did a svn checkout, but did not continue because of the availability of a package in the Build Service, and build the package, enabling almost everything, except DBUS support. I had to install all kinds of multimedia packages.
However the TV does not see the server. The server shows the TV.
I include a wireshark capture file made, after starting fuppes and before turning on the TV, till after turning it off.


  • wireshark capture file

  • Philips TV config file

  • Philips TV config file in vfolders, the previous one is in devices

  • Ulrich Völkel
    Ulrich Völkel

    The capture shows that fuppes returns "403 Forbidden" when the Philips tries to get the description.xml. Can you please check the "allowed_ips" settings in your fuppes.cfg.

    - Uli

  • Below is the network section of fuppes.cfg
    <!--empty = automatic detection-->
    <!--empty or 0 = random port-->
    <!--list of ip addresses allowed to access fuppes. if empty all ips are allowed-->
    <!--These are examples of what data you can put between the ip tags where (* => anything, [x-y] => range)-->
    I also attach this file

  • File local/var/lib/fuppes/fuppes.cfg

  • Apparently there is a bug in the interpretation of the IP address in <ip>192.168.1.*</ip>. If I remove the address, access is OK and I can see the server from the TV including playing .wav and showing my pictures. Now I have <ip></ip> which also gives access to the server from the TV.
    The remaining problem is that I have .mov videos, but the TV can't display these. I generated these using ffmpeg via kdenlive from MTS files (AVCHD)

  • Replacing * with [1-254] did not work either. I saw in the source that .* is replaced by .[0-255], so this is consistent.

  • The allowed_ips are shown in comment #4. The problem there is the * in the IP address. When I replace the * with the fixed address it works.